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How to make a swap apartment ?
Some advice for the Big Apple.
Don't forget "Running Around the World"
to find accomodation for your int'l races.

Even if you really don't want to be a Yuppie,

you will enjoy a penthouse overlooking Central Park.
All you have to do is to get in touch with the race director or the organizers of the running event and to tell him/them that you are looking for a homestay when you pass through the city.

Also you can say that it's not only to keep your expenses to a minimum but also to discover a new city and to meet people on a personal basis. It will work, there is no question about it. Make sure you offer to reciprocate, it will be greatly appreciated.

An alternative is to put an ad in the international Herald Tribune "looking for a swap apartment when I pass through the Big Apple..." not really free but almost (about 50 bucks).
The Plaza Hotel is mirrored in the windows of the Play-boy Club (59th Street).

Plaza Hotel

If your Visa Card can handle the hit, check into this swanky hotel, like Kevin starring in the movie Home Alone 2 : you will be given a red-carpet-treatment.

All has been said about the city that never sleeps,
but no one said that the soul of the city is here : in the New York public library.
"Reading is the key of knowledge and knowledge can elevate one's spirit."

NYP Library
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