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Running is a great way to discover a new city
and to meet new people on a personal basis,
it breaks down a lot of barriers... Not always!!!!

Who is he? New York City 1976, this marathon-runner doesn't hit the road to take home $ 50,000 Cash + a Mercedes car but to save his life. Two killers run after him and he just wants to reach his home before they catch him. Who's this Guy?

If you know the answer, please complete the following form.
The winner will be given the Video-Tape of the Big Sur Intl. Marathon (Carmel/CA). The most exciting running event in North America.
This man is:
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N. Corbett, USA The last winner: N. Corbett, USA
"Only Hoffman can get away running around in Pyjamas in New York! Great site, excellent contest!"

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