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Build your champions
A tool to "build" your race

Highspeedrun is an International Running Website dedicated to the long-distance runners from all over the word. No need to be the Forest Gump of the long-distance-running to apply :-).
We are growing fast and, so far, we've gotten more visitors than the North Ireland Athletic Federation! We can help you to get more runners in your event at no cost for you.

To catch the true spirit of our website and its program Running Around the World, please, take a look at our pages Fellow runners, Running Partner and, last but not least, Great Running Events. We will provide you a HSR account so that you can access the page.
Two full pages
to promote your event

On the Running Partner Forum, you can publish advertisements for you event and, also, you can apply for Great Running Events.

Build your race

Pics Mattoni Grand Prix Prague
Are you game?
Yes. That's great :-).
To sign up for Great Running Events and to submit your event information to our website, feel free to Email jll2@wanadoo.fr.
To sign up for Running Around the World Pro Program, just fill in this application form.

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