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Partners: Jean-louis Laurent & Antoine Lefeuvre

Jean-louis Laurent, Writer & Photographer Jean-louis Laurent
Writer & Photographer

I'm just a regular guy (full-time job, married, children, mort-gage payments...) and I enjoy running among other things: playing chess, doing the cooking and cycling. I run for health & fitness but also for the endorphin rushes (running-high) and I've created this site for the long-distance-runners from all over the world who just want to have more fun than everyone else.

I'm a young webmaster (17 years old) crazy about Internet and webdesigning. I just passed the French Baccalauréat and creating new websites is my passion. The whole family is addicted to running and, even if I only run 6 miles every monday, I'm hooked! Co-working on highspeedrun is a great way to show my commitment to our Family's preferred sport.
Antoine Lefeuvre, Webmaster & Webdesigner

Contributors: Yann Gripay & Clémentine Laurent

Clementine Laurent Clémentine Laurent
In charge of Entertainment page.

I'm 17 years old and I just graduated from highschool. I'd like to be an architect and Art is a subject which interests me greatly. Art for art's sake, fine arts, history of art, plastic, graphic arts and cinema... That's why I'm happy to maintain the "Entertainment" page.
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