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High Speed Run
celebrating speed, stamina, endorphin rushes (running high) and fun.
With HSR run different !
'' We pledge to help you never forget how much fun running can be. ''
High Speed Run en francais.

Fellow Runners: How to make new friends in the running community.

How to make a Swap Apartment and make an international marathon a vacation week at almost no cost for you.

Running tips: How to attend a fun run and experience a running high.

Running news: The Paris 20 K, the Race of the Century.

Leaders of the pack is coming soon !

Running links: Here you will find our selection of running websites.

Running philosophy: Every two weeks, I will tell you a new joke. Hope you enjoy it.

After running: Our selection of films, books and CDs.

Quiz: Discover our new Quiz.
Race directors: build your race by signing up for our program to promote events.

Running Partner Forum: you're looking for an accomodation for your next race ? No problem ! In the forum, runners and race directors meet each other.

Great Running Events: Running away ? Find out our favorite first-class-events.

Register now to our program for discover the world, meet other people and cultures through international races.
About us: Who are the 2 creators of High Speed Run, Jean-Louis Laurent and Antoine Lefeuvre ?

Guestbook: enjoy your HSR trip ? Yes or no, give your opinion !

 Towing Service: For our Milwaukee customers needing a tow truck!
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